Linux Administrator Required for Plesk to cPanel Migration on Dedicated Servers

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We are looking for an expert Linux administrator to move domains and websites from Plesk dedicated server to cPanel dedicated server.

This job has to be done ASAP.

The Plesk server is having 30 domains and 20 IP addresses.

Both server are Dedicated server and run centOS operating systems.

SSH access, Parallel Plesk, and WHM Access are available.

Tasks to be done

1) Move 30 domains and websites from Plesk to cPanel.

2) Configure these 30 domains and 20 IP addresses on cPanel.

3) Most of the websites are wordpress based.

4) Configure the IP addresses and point domains to these IP addresses. We will provide the Mapping table for Domain-IP.

5) Once configured, we will change nameservers and you have to make sure that all work correctly.

6) Migrate E-mails as well. most of the domains will be having 1-2 e-mails.

How to apply

Send your CV/Profile with the example of similar work which you have done.

Candidates from the UK/Europe/Russia/Ukraine will be preferred.

Candidates from India, USA, Canada and other Asian countries need not to apply for this job.

you must provide your full contact details in the CV/Profile/

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