Indian Recipes Images Needed

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We are looking for providers who can cook Indian dishes and take good quality pictures.

We are not looking for very high quality professional images but decent quality images will be sufficient for us.

We will need 3-5 images per Indian dish, the images we need would be for followings

  1. Picture of all ingredients together
  2. Pic while cooking
  3. Final dish

We will provide you the dish name and you have to collect images for them. Minimum 3 images per recipe is needed.

Terms & Conditions

  • All images will become our copyright.
  • All images must be authentic and exclusive to us.
  • You can’t use these images anywhere else either on the Internet or in Print media

Job Type

This is freelance and ongoing job. There is no end date. You can keep working as long as you keep supplying us images.


  • We will pay monthly at the end of the month. You will have to track your work in spreadsheet and send us the invoice at the end of month.
  • Payment via Paypal/Moneybookers or BACS if you are in the UK.

Apply Procedure

Apply via following form with following details.

  • Provide samples of recipe images, we want to see how these images look. You can upload it on your blog, Flickr or anywhere else and send us the link in the cover letter.
  • How much would you charge per 3 image for a recipe.
  • How many images you can provide in a week.
  • CV or your contact details is needed to prepare agreement.
Without above details your application will be rejected.

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