php script to generate website thumbnail and other size images

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Project Description

We are looking for expert php developer to write a script to generate thumbnails for the websites.

1) Start with a simple script which will generate fixed size thumbnail
2) Extend it further to generate larger images as well
3) Script will be written in API format so that we can use it on various sites
4) Script shall also have option to save the generate3d images on server where it is executed. The image names would be domainname.jpg
5) Prototype
generateImage ($url, $width, $height, $name)

$name is optional, if no value is passed it will follow step 4 above.

The thumbshot API will be something similar as you see on

There would be more requirements later if you have completed above.

No database functionality is needed.

Applicant profile

Applicant must be an expert in PHP development.

Payment Terms and Conditions

For remote/work from home jobs the payment will be via paypal or any other online method depending on your location.

UK – BACS/UK Bank Cheque/Paypal

USA/Canada/Australia/New zealand– Paypal/Moneybookers

India – Paypal/Moneybookers/Cheque issued from Indian Bank.

Russia/Ukraine/Belarus/Croatia/Bosnia Herzegovina/Serbia/Other Eastern European Countries/Rest of World – Moneybookers/XOOM or any other method

Payment will be made after completion of project either directly or via Freelance Jobs Escrow Services.

Application Procedure/Interview

Send your CV with the URLs/Examples of your PHP Development work to jack_j200807 @

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3 Responses to “php script to generate website thumbnail and other size images”

  1. HD says:


    Can you give me examples of thumbnail image generate script ?

    Pls. reply me as soon.

    A waitting for your reply.


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  2. judhisahoo says:

    I am ready for this job.
    I am php programmer bearing 5 yrs exp in Web development.Expert in Webdevelopment with PHP and Mysql.
    for more discussion can u plz give any IM like skype or gtalk.
    Mine skype is – santilatatech and gtalk is judhisahoo
    plz give me fesible time for discussion.
    Juhdisthira Sahoo

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  3. Vinod A says:

    I have good experience with php gd library . I have done programs on card customization, image re size,drag and drop inside frame etc.
    my email id:

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